How to speed up
the investigation


If you know when and where the incident took place, you already know a lot! With using our Scout at the location of the incident, you can gather accurate base stations data to narrow down the workload and speed up the identification of the perpetrator. Vespereye allows you to explore the technology and capabilities of Radio Forensics. To find out how fast and simple this process can be, contact us.

Meet us
on June 5-8
in the Wilmington Convention Center


Vespereye is a Gold Sponsor at Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference 2023. Meet us on June 5-8 the Wilmington Convention Center (North Carolina, U.S.) and learn about Radio Technology made by our team. Discover how Radio Forensics by Vespereye can extend the possibilities of your investigation and speed up the resolution of your cases. Want to know more? Join us at Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference 2023 – a unique learning experience that bridges the digital forensics and cybersecurity industry!

Meet us on Forensic Technology Day in Germany


Discover how Radio Technology made by Vespereye can help speed up the resolution of your cases. Meet our team led by Magnus Hedlund on Forensic Technology Day - September 28-29th in Kandel, Germany. Talk with us about Radio Forensics tools and see how our solutions can help you in even the most unusual situations. The event is hosted by mh SERVICE GmbH.

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